Dance Serpentine – A cape of liquid gold morphs into phoenix wings of fire! Inspired by Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, this act evokes the darkness and mystery of the 1920s!

Nurse Oh! – Long hours working in the infirmary are made so much more exciting with Balloons! A classic Balloon popping act with a sharp twist! Blood, glitter and naughty nurse tassel twirling!

Strange Bird – Dark and Creeptastic this act involves sensuous glove peels, old world Danse du Ventre and shadow play. And of course, a super spooky surprise ending!

Morphine – Love hurts! Being wicked is a tough job. The street walker, the jaded vixen, the wretched temptress comes before us with a painfully slow strip routine.

Classic feather fans – Soft and dreamy and a little naughty too! This is a traditional ostrich feather fan dance a la Sally Rand.

1920s Showgirl – The flapper girl draped in beads and a luxurious boa! watch her as she smokes, shimmies, and takes it all off!

Scarlet Boudoir – The Femme Fatale returns home after a long night of seduction and murder. Phew! Get the intimate keyhole view as she changes clothes, freshens up and relaxes in her boudoir. A woman’s work is never finished!

Parasol – The lantern illuminates the scene -  spirals, the kimono drops! Rice paper parasol, the only thing separating the eyes from the silk and bejeweled flesh. Warning! This act has been known to induce deep states of hypnosis resulting in entire audiences flinging their panties onto the stage!

Flutter Fans – Opulant and full of magic, A runaway from a Rococo circus, a baroque dream of silk.



Jesse Kitt PhotographyFlying Dream – A Dark and whimsical pole dance.